Complete Block Out Blinds

Complete Block Out Blinds

Award Winning Blind BBSA 2012 Showcase for Best Energy Saving Product. Every design is one sided with a solar reflective white backing. This allows you to have any number of colours you like in your interiors, while retaining a sophisticated, consistently smart exterior. Block Out is a brand new, highly innovative roller blind system. It combines an aluminium cassette and precision engineered side rails to create a blind that can Block Out light and draughts. This in turn provides significant savings on home heating costs and when combined with the right fabrics, can bring a space complete and total darkness. These possibilities bring this range of blinds an added functionality that is just not possible to achieve with any other blind currently on the market. Block Out Your Light and Block Out Your Draughts. Windows may be a very effective source of light for a room, but they are also the most effective way to lose heat. In fact, regardless of whether you have single, double or triple glazed windows, no other part of your home loses more energy per square metre. The intelligent engineering allows you to help put a stop to energy loss. When positioned appropriately, your blind will trap a small volume of air between the window and the blind. This creates a barrier that helps to avoid the warm air inside the room coming into contact with the cold surfaces of the window, so reducing the need for heavy curtains and allowing the room to heat up faster. The blinds are the first to have been independently thermally tested by the BBA and has been proven to save at least 25% on average to 43% on heating costs. 

When you place an order please enter measurements required

Widths X1(Top) X2(Centre) and X3(Bottom)  / Drops Y1((Left) Y2(Cente) and Y3(Right) also Z(Reveal Width)

You can select Edge of Recess Frame or Inside Recess Frame. Frames available in Cream, White or Silver.

Maximum Width 180cm Maximum Drop 150cm.


Special Offers.

Please note if your window is not square you may have to pack the window out to square it up as the blind will not operate if the frame is not square.

Delivery is currently 3-4 weeks for this product.

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